AXIS / September, October 2000
"Guess Club" developed as a high-tech laboratory eatery


Today's focus on "food/design" as an integrated concept takes the food we put in our mouths out of the realm of agricultural products. Maybe this is why food has lost much of its texture, taste and smell, as we abandon traditional farming and cultivation methods. We focus increasingly on food as an aesthetic object, a biochemical product, instead of nurturing our bodies, relegate it to the category of design rather than sustenance.

At the Guess Club, a video shows a test concept of food processing and culinary processes divided into separation, distribution, form, and combinations. Demonstrations of genetically recombined vegetation are conducted, with cooperation from the Vienna Biocenter of Vienna University, in a hothouse that also houses a restaurant space called "high-tech Food/Design laboratory". Guests learn about genetic technology as they enjoy food and beverages provided through processes designed to familiarize the public with today's food processing systems.