Büro für Architektur, Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbH, Österreich

Büro für Architektur, Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbH, ÖsterreichBüro für Architektur, Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbHBüro für Architektur, Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbHBüro für Architektur, Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbH

Planning Architect DI Heinz Lutter
Assistance DI Thomas Gutwenger, Juergen Depaul,
DI Bernhard Roider, Mag arch Michaela Ruttmann
Statics Ing. Werner Lacroix & Co BAUPLANUNGS - GMBH
Floor Space 124 accommodation units, 5 office units, 1 supermarket
usable floor space 163902.06 square feet
Status project
Visuals Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbH/DI Bernhard Roider

Residential establishment, Office building
Raxstrasse corner Laxenburger Strasse, Vienna, Austria

This building is located at the southern tip of Vienna and thus provides a magnificent view to the Southern situated Wienerwald, as well as the Northern view to the city. The congested Laxenburger- and Raxstrasse pose a disadvantage and therefore architecturally challenge the project.
These Southern and Eastern positioned congested streets are superimposed by balconies, which span across the floors and thus emphasize the horizontal arrangement of the structure, serving as the fundamental architectural classification of this building. Dense, as well as translucent elements are spread across the facade and thus fulfil the purpose of creating shade as well as dampening noise. A passer-by on the street will perceive this structure as a dynamic entity. The facades facing Leebgasse and the courtyard remain unadorned and subtle, save for a balcony which protrudes from this part of the building.
The inside of this building comprises of 124 accommodation units as well as 1 office floor. The developed halls serving as closing off elements to the apartments are kept short and in connection to the naturally lighted staircases, a friendly atmosphere is created. The individual accommodation units are structured generously and distinctively. The units facing Raxstrasse and Laxenburgerstrasse are mostly extended to the courtyard. The ample window apertures of the accommodation units and their integration into the outer accommodation rooms via balconies accentuate the available open space.
The two roof-top apartments facing Leebgasse are maisonettes following the character of a loft. These two units are enclosed by a greenery path. The level of the second roof top comprises of additional lounges which are suitable for a studio.
Both roof levels structures involve spacious terraces. Spacious roof-terraced apartments are located on the roof levels facing Raxstrasse, Laxenburgerstrasse and the courtyard. The ground floor is designated for a local purveyor, the roof of this space is constructed as a green roof. The required garage spaces are located on the two lower floors.
Two apartment-sharing communities facing Laxenburgerstrasse are planned. Common areas, such as shared kitchen, dining room, fitness room, vestry and home cinema are located on the second floor facing Raxstrasse.
This building is self organized by the residents.