Wettbewerb Schwechat,  Büro für Architektur, Architekt DI Lutter ZT GmbH, Österreich

Planning Architekt DI Heinz Lutter
Assistance Mag arch Nikolaus Michel

Conference center floor-space: 26.9097 ft²
Catering establishment and shops floor-space: 57.0487 ft²
Hotel floor-space: 69.9654 ft²
Offices and technology center floor-space: 145.312 ft²

Competition - Schwechat, Lower Austria, Austria

Bordering the city limits of Schwechat headed toward the airport, a multifunctional center is to be erected. In planning are a hotel for business guests who wish to spend the night near the airport, conference and seminar rooms, as well as a small event hall, shopping mall, restaurant and offices.
The complex benefits effective advertising methods due to its close proximity to the airport and the respective and landing and departing planes. Therefore, the design strives for a significantly catchy construction form. The conference center is to be enveloped in a porous shell that will be backlit in the nighttime, adding to the effect of advertising. In front of the hotel facing B9, advertising walls will be erected displayed as a winter garden that simultaneously provide noise protection. A large advertising screen alongside the cross wall of the conference center extending to the S1 will be visible to passing vehicles that are en route S1.